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Setting students up for a lifetime of learning.

Future success in school

AVA Learning has something for everyone. 

Who We Are

AVA Learning is a family-owned tutoring business in the Katy area. Not only does AVA work to build strong foundations for a lifetime of learning, we also work with students, both in-person and virtually, 

What We Do

AVA Learning offers a wide variety of private tutoring sessions for all grade levels. From elementary math all the way up to college essay review, AVA Learning is certain to meet your unique needs. Our speech and debate program, Katy Speech and Debate Academy, also provides top-tier speech & debate mentoring, regularly producing state and national-level competitors. 

Join Us

Have any questions? Want to learn more about what we offer in a specific subject area? 


I enrolled my two A-student boys in your program this past year and wanted to share with you that they are really excelling in math at school.  They are prepared for everything and I can also tell you that my fourth grader scored a perfect grade in math on his STAAR exam this time around!  At this elementary age, practice with guidance makes perfect.  Guidance is about overseeing and focusing the student on the right material for the right amount of time and keeping it fun.  You have done this and we thank you.  For us, this was a project of excellence and our focus was not remedial.  I see that many parents mistakenly perceive extracurricular math efforts as remedial when in fact they can accelerate the brightest to achieve excellence with a simple regular extracurricular effort.  Your program has helped us do this.  In our view, this is much better than Kumon-type programs.  Many thanks!

Charles T. - Katy, Texas - July 2nd 2014

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