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Student Success Stories

Tayt M.
Beckendorff Junior High
6th Grade Math CBE

After a week of summer prep classes, Tayt scored a 94,

allowing him to skip 6th grade math

"I felt it was amazing that I could skip 6th grade math with just a few simple tutoring sessions."

- Tayt M. 

Credit by Exam Students


. Roger worked with AVA Learning from Summer 2022 til Summer 2023.

The His&Hers Foundation connected us with Roger. Roger studied diligently throughout his senior year with our tutors Sarah, Vivienne, and Alex. Together, we worked on Roger becoming a stronger, well-rounded student-athlete. His hard work was evident as he made remarkable improvements in reading comprehension, chemistry, math, and SAT prep. He earned a full-ride scholarship to play football at the University of Nebraska, a D1 school, and will be graduating early from Rice High School in Altair, Texas.

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